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The Personalised Nutrition Solutions DVD is the brand new tool developed to inform our customers…

1. Information on the Company - This DVD is a simple and effective, interactive tool providing key information on Herbalife as a company, and includes clips from Dr Heber!

2. Presentation on Core Nutrition Products - by Dr Luigi Gratton
Luigi’s personal approach – and his clear, easy-to-understand style - will be enjoyed by all viewers. How to identify any deficiencies in your diet. He even demonstrates just how simple it is to make a Formula 1 shake!

3. Personalised Nutrition Targeted Solutions - Time to get interactive… The final section of the DVD focuses on the Nutrition Wheel and allows you to select and learn about different segments. From Immune Health to Outer Nutrition Personal Care. Sent with orders 

Dr Herbers La Shape Diet Book

The aim of the Herbalife diet is to help you to lose weight, maintain weight and keep it off for good. That's possible because you are gradually changing eating habits and adopting good diet principles during the course of the programme. Three examples of making long term changes are that you are understanding the importance of protein in your diet and how much, choosing healthy snacks and eating three times a day to promote a healthy metabolism. And the programme fits in with a busy lifestyle so its easy to follow. Dr Herber guides you on how to personalise your programme to attain your best personal shape, how to change established habits and how to exercise to get the best results.

Herbal Life, La Shape Diet,Life Stlye
David Herber, M.D.,Ph.D Director, UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition

Starter kit (Screw Top Shaker/Measuring Spoon/Small Tablet Box/Tape Measure)
Custom-designed for Herbalife products, this ergonomically friendly shaker features an improved spout for drinking and an "aerofoil" for easier mixing. The threaded screw-top lid means there's no leaking and the seal-tight cap keeps liquid inside and you dry! You can pre-blend your shake, take to work keep in the fridge and then give it a shake before consuming. The tablet box will also allow you to keep your supplements at hand when at work. And the tape measure will allow you to record your measurements weekly, which is the best way to monitor your progress. More about this in the tips by email. Other accessories

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