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Structured eating routine, a min of 15 g of protein for breakfast

Personalised Programmes - With each programme you purchase from Herbal Vitality you receive a personalised programme so that you eat the correct amount of protein for your body. That is how many spoons of Formula 1 & 3, how many healthy snacks, recommended daily protein intake and resting metabolic rate (RMR) and meal planners. So much more than just buying the product off a web site and hoping for the best!

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Product information Summary Flavours
Protein and Nutrient Intake:
ShapeWorks QuickStart Contains:

Formula 1 Canister
Formula 2
Formula 3
Fibre and Herb
"Starter Programme"
Tropical Fruit
Cookies and Cream
Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix Canister
"Nutritionally Complete Food"
Tropical Fruit
Cookies and Cream
Formula 1 Express  Healthy Meal Bars "Food" Chocolate
    Red Fruits and Yoghurt
Formula 1 Sachets "Food" Vanilla
Cookies and Cream
Formula 2 Mineral/Vitamin/Herbal Supplement "Nutrient Support"  
Formula 3 Protein Supplement Powder "Lean Muscle Gain/ Appetite Control"  
Fibre and Herb Supplement "Cleanser and Detoxifier"  
Personalised Nutrition Solutions DVD
Starter Kit** "ease of use out of the home"  
New Shaker - with screw top, areofoil lid "ease of use out of the home"  
Water Bottle " drink thermo at the gym"   
H3O Pro™ Sports Bottle " drink H30 for sports"   
Formula 1 Storage Container -114g ease of use out of the home"  
Power Mixer- battery operated    
Mini Mixer
Photos of accessories
Enhancers - Herbal Supplements
Formula 4 Fibrebond "Fat Breakdown"  
Cell Activator "Cellular Energy - improved nutrient absorbtion"  
Enhancers - Thermojetics  
Thermo Complete (Total Control in the USA) "Curbs Appetite & Invigorates"  
Thermojetics Beverage ( 100g 4 cups a day, 50g 2 cups  a day) "Energy, Drink and Shrink, Metabolism" Original 100g
Protein Snacks
Original 50g
Raspberry 50g
Lemon 50g
Peach 50g
Protein Bars "Healthy snack" Chocolate Peanut
Vanilla Almond
Citrus Lemon
Roasted Soy Nuts "Healthy snack"  
Targeted Nutrition  
NIteworks "Supports vascular & circulatory health"  
LiftOff Energy Drink "Energy"
Ignite Me Orange
Lemon-Lime Burst
Florafibre Smooth Flow"  
Herbal Aloe Drink "Indigestion / Stomach Soother"  
Xtra - Cal "Stronger bones"  
RoseOx "Strengthens Immune system"  
Herbalifeline "Let all the rivers to the heart run free"
Natural Raw Guarana Tablets(60) "Energy and mental strength"  
Outer Nutrition Products

Starter Kit ** The kit includes a shaker, measuring spoon, fabric tape measure, small solid tablet box and a Formula 1 Storage Container Photo of Starter Kit (the group photo dosent show the F1 storage container, but is shown on the page)

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                                 The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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