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herbalife starter kit                     Starter Pack (Shaker, tablet box, measuring spoon and fabric tape measure

Starter Kit (Shaker, tablet box, measuring spoon, f1 container, retractable tape measure, not fabric as shown)

herblaife starter kit
Mini mixer Measuring Spoon
Formula 1 Storage Container-114g
Water bottle
fabric tape measure Fabric Tape Measure Retractable Tape Measure retractable tape measure
tablet dispenser Tablet Dispenser Tablet Crusher tablet crusher
Super Shaker Herbalife24 Super Shaker
Herbalife 24 Sports Bottle - 750 ml size Herbalife 24 Sports Bottle -500ml size
Starter Pack (Shaker, Measuring Spoon, Small Tablet Box & Fabric Tape Measure)
The shaker helps you to use the products out of the home. So mix your shake in a blender at home, take to work in the shaker, store in the fridge and then  re-mix your shake before drinking. The shaker has an aerofoil lid. 
Starter Kit (Shaker, Measuring Spoon, Small Tablet Box, Retractable Tape Measure & Formula 1 Storage Container-114g)

Water Bottle - Ideal for Thermo Beverage mixed with cold water consumed on the way to the gym (ie.30 mins before exercise) and during any exercise. The Herbalife 750ml water bottle features a dual-flow top and a wide opening allowing for ice to be added.

New Super Shaker - An innovative whisk ball for smooth shakes. Drop the whisk ball into your shaker
before you shake. It will create a smooth, creamy Formula 1 shake every time. Extra compartments in the shaker so you can keep all your Herbalife needs in one place. Each compartment screws into the shaker. One compartment for your tablets. And another compartment to store your Formula 1 shake powder.

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