Thermojetics® Instant Herbal Beverage

Green Tea and Weight Control


What is Thermojetics° Instant Herbal Beverage?
Thermojetics'", Instant Herbal Beverage is an invigorating herbal tea designed to provide a healthier, antioxidant-rich alternative to traditional tea and coffee. It contains a specially selected blend of five fast-acting herbs: orange pekoe, cardamom, mallow, hibiscus and green tea extracts, together with natural caffeine powder, to help boost vitality and support health.

What is the significance of Green Tea in this product?
Green tea contains the polyphenol antioxidant epigallactechin-gallate, a powerful antixoidant that research has shown to help protect against cell damage.

When should Thermojetics° Instant Herbal Beverage be used?
Whenever you need a boost! Enjoy it when you would normally enjoy your tea or coffee - mid-morning and mid afternoon. Use cold before and during exercise.

Whom is Thermojetics° Instant Herbal Beverage for?
Perfect for dieters; the special blend of herbs provide a welcome boost to vitality. Sports people also find this type of product useful as they recognise the benefits associated with caffeine and performance enhancement.

How much caffeine does Thermojetics® Instant Herbal Beverage contain?
Each serving contains a dose of caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee.






Please note that children, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding and people who suffer from high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders should seek medical advice before using this product and then do so under medical supervison.

Green Tea and Weight Control

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