Herbalife 24 Fit Workout DVD Phases

Flexibility, Stability, Strength Training, Power And Nutrition...For Optimum Results

The fitness program was designed by renowned physical therapist Robert Forster. Robert created a new approach to physical therapy, which is divided into phases that follow the body’s natural healing and growth patterns.


The Herbalife24FIT program has been broken down into three distinct phases, each of which builds upon the progress you’ve made in the previous one. Follow the program exactly as designed, get plenty of rest and the new body you’ve always wanted is sure to follow.

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24 fit stability
24fit strength

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Flexibility - It is important that you complete your flexibility routine before every workout. When you exercise, you are putting wear and tear on your body. By continually stretching and lengthening your body’s connective tissue (like tendons, ligaments and fascia), both before and after working out, you are preventing them from getting shorter over time. Making our flexibility program part of your daily routine, even on your days off, will give you a better workout today and better recovery tomorrow.

Phase 1 of the program focuses on stability. Why is this important?  Stability helps you improve your posture and joint health. By the time you have completed Phase 1, your body will be properly prepared for the more challenging workouts to come in Phases 2 and 3.

Phase 2 -  After building up the smaller muscles around your joints in Phase 1, Phase 2 will focus on the larger areas to increase overall strength. The results will be more lean muscle, better tone and more efficient metabolism. Your body will become a more efficient calorie-burning machine, so you are going to burn more calories all day – whether you are at work, at play or ever while you sleep.

What are the benefits of Phase 3? The power workouts of Phase 3 are going to turn up the intensity and they will result in a faster, more efficient body. This is the final phase and it will give you the ultimate results.

More details on the 3 phases and  workout schedule

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