Best Workout Recovery Drink

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"I think the most helpful and welcome aspect of my new regime is how quickly I recover after hard training or after a game. That stiffness you always expect and aching muscles, well its now completely gone. Click here for success story
“The product results on training and recovery are AWESOME!”

Kwasi had always been an active person and after playing basketball at professional level, he has become a coach and personal trainer. He has learnt the importance of powering his body with healthy nutrition to achieve great results and is a walking (and jumping!) advertisement for healthy nutrition!

“I have played basketball most of my life and have always been an active person. I played competitive basketball for over 10 years for numerous teams in the UK. I have since qualified as a coach and I now run my own basketball club, Hoops, in Leeds. I believe that exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy body, but I am positive that having a healthy, balanced and varied diet supported by quality supplements can make a big difference to your lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Since using Herbalife’s nutritional products and supplements, I have noticed a greater feeling of energy and my recovery time has dramatically improved. I have never been particularly interested in body-building but I’m impressed that I have been able to increase my muscle definition, as well as reduce my level of body fat. The convenience of the products means I can enjoy a tasty shake while on the move.

When introduced to Herbalife® products I started with just Formula 1 shakes and Protein Bars; I was amazed how quickly my body recovered from exercise with just these two products. My training routine consists of targeting specific muscle groups as well as cardiovascular training usually carried out on a daily basis. I continue to use Formula 1 shakes and Protein Bars as well as Formula 2 Multivitamin, Formula 3 Protein Powder and LiftOff® effervescent energy drink which I have before a workout. I also now use Niteworks® powder to help support my body’s needs. My long term health plans and fitness goals are to carry on as I have been doing - helping to deliver basketball sessions to youngsters through the Hoops School of Basketball. I also work as a personal trainer. As all of my activities blossom, the news of Herbalife’s healthy nutrition spreads as I am a walking advertisement! The results on training and recovery I have experienced are AWESOME! I would recommend Herbalife® products, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, to everyone that wants to become active, wants to stay active or just wants to feel good every day.”

Kwasi, - Basketball Coach & Personal Trainer,

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Best Workout Recovery Drink

Workout Recovery Drinks
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