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THE HERBALIFE NUTRITION PREFERRED MEMBER(VIP) PROGRAMME is commitment to make the world’s best nutrition products and help clients reach their long term goals.

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Preferred Member (PM) benefits include:

1. The opportunity to achieve higher discount levels based on your purchases: At the first level where you’re instantly eligible for discounts of 25% from MSRP on most Herbalife Nutrition products.
2. Take advantage of special promotions and rewards available exclusively to Preferred Members.
3. Get The Scoop: the biweekly, Preferred Members-only newsletter with specialised recipes, helpful meal plans, fitness tips, and much more!
4. Hassle-free: Order directly from a new Herbalife warehouse anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access.
5. Wellness Coaching Support: Herbal Vitality continue to provide personalised programmes including daily protein intake, resting and active metabolic rates etc.
6. Member Support: The private Facebook client support group contains some inspirational ideas on how people are doing their shakes, shares success stories of clients.

Herbalife has two different kinds of Members: Preferred Members use the products for personal consumption and purchase at a discount, while Herbalife Independent Distributors/Wellness Coaches also have the opportunity to supply products to customers. Contact us at support@herbalvitality if interested in becoming a Wellness Coach.

How to Become A Herbalife Member:

Follow these steps and become a Herbalife Preferred member in the next 10 minutes! Once signed up you can get a discount of 25% off Herbalife products. And the best bit is there’s pretty much nothing to lose. Typically the membership includes a canister of Formula 1, accessories, laptop style carry bag, literature and a 12 month membership. In come countries there is a choice of member packs.
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Steps To Create A Membership Account 

  1. Email Address /Password
  2. Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number: 07139008
  3. First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name: woo
  4. Enter your Personal Information on the Application.
  5. Purchased an Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) from your sponsor?: No
  6. Select “No” under the question, “Have you previously participated in any Herbalife Distributorship?
  7. Create a 4-8 Character Pin code.  This will be used to log you into the ordering site.
  8. Read and Agree to the Member Agreement and click Next.
  9. Select the Herbalife Member Pack.
  10. Select the Shipping Address for the Member Pack.
  11. Select Shipping Method
  12. Enter the credit/debit card to be used to pay the fee. Verify the billing address is correct and Click Submit.


You are now an Herbalife member! The pack will typical take 2-4 working days to arrive.

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1. Within the next couple of minutes to an hour you should receive an ID number so you can now login to the website and order products at a 25% discount

2. Shortly after you register I’ll get a mail notifying me so I’ll sent you a quick email just to say hello and welcome and ask what additional help you need at this stage. A free Wellness Coaching service is available, which includes a Personalised Programme ie. recommended daily protein intake, calorie intake based on active and resting metabolic rates, meal plans, advice on healthy snacks and how to use nutrition around exercise.

3. Join a private Facebook group for members. The client support group contains some inspirational ideas on how people are doing their shakes, shares success stories of clients

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