How Verisol ŪP Collagen Peptides Work?

How High Grade Collagen Peptides Work Within The Skin
VERISOLŪP i(porcine raw material) is made up of pure, natural collagen peptides that have been specifically developed and scientifically proven to provide the highest possible efficacy in human skin, with results showing as soon as after 4 weeks(14,16)

Collagen peptides work by stimulating our skin’s metabolism from within. Consumers who ingest VERISOLŪP, can experience noticeably smoother skin (14,15) with a reduction in the depth of their eye wrinkles(16) and improved skin elasticity(14).

Other positive effects of VERISOLŪP include improvements in skin surface structure, a reduction in cellulite(15) and faster nail growth with consumers saying that their fingernails were chipping less(17)

When taken regularly, VERISOLŪP collagen peptides can visibly reduce the depth of eye wrinkles( 16 )and improve skin elasticity(14 ), as skin starts to gain tone and firmness. This effect cannot be achieved with any topical skin care product because they can only reach the outer layers of the skin(18) – even the effects of the most expensive face creams are short-lived.

There are 3 prominent types of Collagen: I, II and III1. Collagen I and III are the main collagen types located in the skin1. Collagen II is mainly the basis of cartilage2, which makes joints easier to move. VerisolŪP has been derived from peptides obtained from type I and III.

Ay additional information required on VerisolŪ P can be found on the dedicated VerisolŪ P website:

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