Herbalife Scientific and Medical Advisory Team

The No.1  Wellness Industry Company...

herbalife international

Herbalife International

  • Founded 1980 in Los Angeles
  • Represented, tested and approved in 65 countries
  • Pioneers in nutrition and weight control
  • Unique range of Outer Nutrition Products
  • Lead the world in naturally derived products
  • Over 40 million customers worldwide
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Proven support systems (training, telephone and Internet technology)
  • Research laboratory at the UCLA
  • 25 years of growth
  • Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory
  • Taking nutritional science to a new level


  • The World‘s leading Wellness networking company
  • Herbalife International is listed on both the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Herbalife CEO, Michael O Johnson striking the closing bell at the NYSE
  • Michael O. Johnson Chief Executive Officer
  • Spent 17 years with the Walt Disney Corporation
  • Formerly President of Disney International
  • Joined Herbalife in April 2003
  • Video


herbal life ceo
  • Henry Burdick Vice Chairman
    Co-Founder and former CEO of Pharmavite
  • Led breakthrough product development at Pharmanex
  • Established leader in the Neutraceutical Industry
  • Oversees new product developments
  • David Heber MD, PhD, FACD, FACN
  • The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition
  • The NIH Center for Dietary Supplement Research in Botanicals
  • The National Cancer Institute funded Clinical Nutrition Research Unit
  • Book: LA Shape Diet
  • ShapeWorks™ LIVE Q&A with Dr. Heber -The value of protein
herbalife- dr david herber
herbalife lou ignarro
  • Louis Ignarro, PhD
  • Nobel prize winner
  • Renowned Professor of Pharmacology at UCLA
  • American Heart Association research prize winner
  • Founder and President of the Nitric Oxide Society
  • Book: No More Heart Disease

List Of Drs Worldwide that are part of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Team