Breakfast Shakes, Herbal Tea and Aloe Beverage

A healthy breakfast shake provides the body with key nutrients and energy.
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The Herbalife Healthy Breakfast

1. Formula 1 shake - packed with all the nutrition your body needs. A tasty F1 smoothie can be whipped up in a matter of seconds and a plant based protein with plant-based carbohydrates to  help you stay fuller for longer.

2. Instant Herbal Beverage - with tea extracts plus natural caffeine powder from tea, which can help you feel more energised and aid your concentration and alertness

3. Herbal Aloe Concentrate - contains 40% Aloe Vera gel derived from the Aloe Vera leaf; to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.
herbalife breakfast shakes, tea and aloe

How do I get started?

To get started with the Healthy Breakfast programme you need the following products:  Formula 1 Nutritional Shake MixInstant Herbal Beverage and Herbal Aloe Concentrate products.

Ideal Breakfast

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