What To Eat Before A Workout?

A guide to what meals to eat for best workout performance.

While many fitness enthusiasts through a bit of trial-and-error with their meal planning until they come up with a plan that works for them, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind when trying to match their meals and snacks to their activity.

Carbohydrates are primarily what the body relies on for energy. The body needs a fairly steady source from the diet, since there’s only so much carbohydrate the body can store – in the form of glycogen – in the muscles and the liver. You need to fuel up in the morning, as your stored fuel reserves will have dropped during an overnight fast.

It’s important to ‘top off the tank’ with some carbohydrate before a workout. In choosing what to eat, consider how much time you have to digest the food before you start.

  • Foods high in fibre and fat delay digestion time may increase the risk of stomach discomfort during exercise, so save them for after your big event.
  • Light or liquid meals digest more quickly than solid ones. Solid food generally requires a longer amount of time to be digested and absorbed. A meal replacement drink is a good example of a liquid meal.

Don’t Skip Meals
You need to make sure that you have enough fuel in your body to healthily support your workout goals. Don’t skip meals or under-eat. Ultimately, it won’t do you any good missing meals will slow the metabolism in your body causing you to gain fat. When your body becomes deprived of food, once you do eat, it will hold onto every nutrient and fat in that food cause its unsure of its next meal.

A guide to what to eat and when guide for workout performance

More than 3 hours to your event?

If you’re planning ahead, then eat a regular, balanced meal no less than 3 hours before your event. Limit fat intake.

Between 1 and 3 hours to start time?

If you have only an hour or two before your event, then enjoy a lighter, solid meal, maybe some cottage cheese and toast, or a bowl of low fibre cereal. Take a Formula 1 Shake( Formula 1 Standard, Formula 1 Sport, Formula Free From Gluten and Lactose) with milk and optional fruit. Formula 1 Sport gives you complete cellular nutrition. It is similar to the regular Formula 1 nutritional shake, but with a few tweaks to give the athlete the edge. The workout shake provides sustained energy, supports the immune function and maintains muscle mass.

Less than 1 hour until you compete?

For athletes who have only an hour or less to digest before an event, choose something that will be easy on your stomach such as a smoothie or a yogurt. For example, a Formula 1 Shake made in water. For most exercise sessions, the emphasis on carbohydrate and fluid for the pre-event meal.

For an intensive workout such as Phase 3 on the 24Fit Workout Programme take a caffeine + creatine + nitric oxide (NO) product will be useful to get the most out of your workout (energy, focus, muscle pumps, blood flow). See Herbalife24 Prepare.

Weight Loss

If you are already on the Herbalife weight loss programme, have a few sips of your shake before your exercise, and the rest after as a meal. And take Thermo beverage cold on the way to the gym and during your workout as a source of caffeine.

Reducing Body Fat%

Two shakes, two snack and a main meal. See how Nicole reduced her body fat from 14% to 10%.

When you’re doing strenuous exercise, paying attention to what you eat – and when – can have a big impact on your workout performance so don’t let eating become an afterthought. Herbalife markets a range of meal replacement shakes and supplement products, including hydration supplements.

Article by Herbal Vitality

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what meal to eat before a workout

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