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protein drink mix uk  "OMG this has got to be the best shake I've ever had. You need to get your hands on this brand new product..... Protein Drink Mix. No more milk.......This is good and im not sharing.!! " Sarah C "
"Straight forward mix of water, 1 scoop PDM and 2 scoops Cookies & Cream F1....happy days, it's creamy! Goodbye extra milk sugar, hello bikini body! Also, conveniently this arrived at the time I'm experiencing one of those annoying seasonal nasal drips which is usually aggravated by milk, so no more of that then! " Brenda

"How full am I now. That was the best tasting shake I've had in a long time. PROTEIN DRINK MIX, I love you!!! "Rachel

"Who would have thought, mixing it in water would create such as thick creamy shake. Yum. Never run out of milk again..." Alan

"The PDM is amazing.. And scrummy I scoop choc 1 scoop strawberry F1 fresh strawberries, blueberries and PDM.. Heaven!!!! " Donna

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Protein Drink Mix

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